Clusterland Sweden help SME:s to grow, regions to improve and people to develop. We are one of the most successful network and cluster organisations in Europe. Let us help you to grow.

Our Mission


All regions want to become the next Silicon Valley. Many companies want to become the next Google or Facebook. Most of them fail. Why? Because they don't realize that conditions are different all over the world and in order to succeed you need to work out of your own circumstances. Clusterland Sweden has helped hundreds of companies to find the right contacts at the right time. No matter if it is potential customers, technology partners or funding, we have the network to help those who want to grow their business. But, as a cluster organisation, we also know that being in the right environment is essential for those who want to grow fast. Thats why we also are engaged in helping regions to improve the innovation arena and access to knowledge for companies. We make impact not only by helping business but also by helping the public innovation system.

Clusterland Sweden has helped us with relevant contacts both in Sweden and abroad. The contacts they gave us in the US resulted in our new office in California and the growth connected to that.
— Richard Hansson, CEO Incentive Group

What we can do for you

  • Find business opportunities in other countries through matchmaking
  • Connect you - through our Business Roaming  Agreement - with over 70 networks over the world
  • Help with finding funding - both private and public
  • Involve you in R & D projects connected to EU programmes 
  • Build consortiums for European funded projects
  • Help regions to improve their innovation system through benchmarking studies and recommendations
  • Develop cluster organisations based on our 15 years of cluster management experience
  • Act as a partner in projects within communication and leadership