With workshops, studies and our methodology for policy development we have developed new policies for regions in Europe in order to improve conditions for start ups in the mobile area.



The city of Dublin has a vibrant start up community in the field of mobile technology. But there is still things to be done and Clusterland Sweden has been involved with the implementation of new public policies and ways to attract talent, capital and companies to the area.


The main challenge for a place lika Luxembourg is how to move on from being a region depending on mainly the financial market. In the future Luxembourg will be facing competition in the financial area, the challenge here is how to create a good environment also for entrepreneurs wanting to start their business in the region.


The Kyustendil region is mainly depending on low refined agricultural products and a small tourist sector. The challenge is how to increase regional growth with the help of modern technology and how to improve that with different regional policies. Clusterland Sweden is involved in what policies that could help this process and how to implement them in reality.