The Mobilise Europe project aims to strengthen the mobile industry in Europe through policy recommendations to regions.


An ongoing process

Mobilise Europe is a number of policy recommendations to regions in order to strengthen the mobile industry in Europe. Through a number of workshops, road trips and concrete actions regions get help to implement new policies in order to improve the environment for start ups in the mobile field. Clusterland Sweden is responsible för making studies, conclusions and recommendations on a general level. We have also conducted implementation activities in 3 model regions in order to see how the recommendations work in reality. 

To learn more about the project visit the EMMIA PLP webpage.

EMMIA PLP - Mobilise Europe at a glance

  • Involvement of 30 regions in Europe
  • Over 500 different experts that have given input
  • A learning plattform for regions
  • Over 20 concrete actions for regions to take, on different levels
  • A series of workshops in regions in order to do reality check
  • Specific recommendations for regions on different levels
  • Implementations of new regional policies in regions
  • Final presentation in Rome during the Italian presidency