The MACIT project in Macedonia was the most successful training program for unemployed persons ever. Clusterland Sweden did the concept and implementation.


The Challenge

Macedonia is one of the countries in Europe with the highest unemployment rates - over 30 percent. In spite of this, the ICT sector in Macedonia were lacking people through a gap in the educational system. Clusterland Sweden took parts of the swedish concept for vocational training, knowledge from the former Sweden IT program and our deep knowledge about the ICT sector and created a whole new concept for qualified vocational training in Macedonia. The results where even over our own expectations: over 85 percent of the students had a relevant job within 6 months of the training was finished. 

What We've Achieved

  • Conversion of a swedish concept to Macedonian structure and culture
  • Establish a ROI model in Macedonia connected to vocational training
  • Implement and perform a proof of concept with students in Macedonia
  • Transfer knowledge from Sweden to Macedonia about vocational training